Church Renovation Loans & Financing

From full remodels to just updating your pews, heating, or audiovisual equipment, church renovation financing allows you to craft the perfect home for your congregants. 

Church renovation loans allow you to transform your space into the right environment for your growing community.

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Church Renovation Financing Options

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Loans for Church Remodeling

Many churches were built between the 1950’s and 1970’s. These properties have good “bones,” but the look and feel for your house of worship might need an upgrade. 

Financing a church remodel

Mechanical Systems

At the heart of a building are its systems – heat, cooling, air circulation, and electricity. Replacing aging mechanical systems can decrease both costs and headaches. 

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Church Furniture Loans

The worship experience of your community is impacted by your seating, stage, altar, lectern or screens. Church furniture loans can finance the full replacement costs.

Introduction to Church Renovation Financing

financing a church remodel with a renovation loanChurch renovation financing is an important tool for churches and other religious organizations that need to upgrade or repair their facilities. A church renovation project can have a major impact on the congregation’s ability to serve its members and the community. With the right financing, a church can access the funds necessary to complete major projects in order to improve its spaces and provide better services.

Renovation projects can include anything from repairs and upgrades to a building’s interior, exterior, and mechanical systems to improvements in energy efficiency. Whether it is a new coat of paint, new pews, or a major remodel, a church renovation loan can provide the materials and labor necessary to make these projects happen.

Throughout this page we will discuss the different types of church renovation financing available, including church renovation loans and church furniture loans, as well as some tips and best practices for securing financing. We will also cover the most important factors to keep in mind when considering church renovation financing. By understanding these ideas, you can ensure that your church has the ability to receive the resources it needs for any and all renovations.

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Do we need church renovation financing?

The cost of remodeling a church with new furniture, fixtures and equipment can be prohibitive. Considering the size of many churches, temples, and houses of worship, costs begin to add up quickly. Even a modest overhaul is often $100,000 or more.

To maintain a consistent look, and to make the investment more manageable,church renovation loans allow an organization to distribute their costs over time with reasonable monthly payments. Your community will benefit from these updates for years to come, and the investment can be similarly spread out.

With a church renovation loan, you have the flexibility to customize your repayment terms and secure financing for projects of any size. Whether it’s updating old pews, installing new lighting, or purchasing new audio-visual equipment, these loans can help you make improvements with little upfront cost.

From adaptive reuse projects to restoring historical buildings, renovation loans are an ideal way to finance long-term projects without depleting the congregation’s funds all at once. By taking out a church renovation loan, you can keep your existing budget in place and still make the necessary improvements to enhance your house of worship.

How do we qualify for a church renovation loan?

church renovlation loan qualification processThe qualification process for church renovation financing starts with clearly defining your project scope. To begin, our team can either pre-approve a range that you can use to shop vendors, or you can bring us your quote from the contractors you have already selected. We will compare your quote to market standards to help you ensure you are getting great rate for each component.

Your church renovation loan is also evaluated based on the value of your property and the equity you hold in it. Additionally, your church’s financial standing is evaluated. Your community’s level of monthly or annual donations can serve to support lower interest rates and better terms.

Once qualified for a church renovation loan or church furniture loan, you can start the project with confidence knowing you have low-cost financing and a payment plan that fits your budget.

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What are the rates & terms?

In most instances, FF&E loans are based on 5 year payment schedule and can provide funds up to $2 million, depending on the features of your facility. Rates can be fixed or variable, and start at 4%. 


What does church renovation financing cover?

This is a broad and flexible category of financing.  At its heart, this financing for renovations allows your church or faith-based community to repair or upgrade anything within your building.  It allows you to update everything from pews to wall hangings, wall colors to office desks, kitchen appliances to carpeting, air conditioners, heating, audio visual equipment, and more. 

What is NOT covered by FF&E financing?

Church renovation financing can be a great way to get the funding you need to furnish and equip your church. However, it’s important to understand what is not covered by this type of financing.  Notably, church renovation loans cannot be used to purchase land or buildings, for new ground up construction, or for financing church buses or vans.  It also can’t be used for operating expenses, to cover salaries, or for mission work. 

When is renovation financing right for a church?

Renovation financing for a church is most often used in two scenarios.  The first is when you are moving into a new location.  The building has good bones, but needs interior work to make it the right home for your congregation.  The second scenario is when you are improving your current house of worship.  Often updating your current building is much more cost-effective than finding a new home, and a renovation loan allows you to spread out these (often sizeable) costs out time. 

The other key consideration is how the current financials of your church compare to the cost for your desired upgrades.  If the cost of the church improvements you need is relatively low, then financing may not be the best option. However, if the cost of improvements is relatively high, then financing may be a good option. It allows you to create the right outcome while spreading the investment out over a longer period of time.   

Similarly, you should evaluate the size of your current capital fund relative to the cost of improvements.  If you have extensive reserves which aren’t earmarked for another use, then our church loan specialists will typically recommend utilizing those rather than taking on a new loan.  On the other hand, if your capital funds are already reserved for another use, then church renovation financing can fill in the gap. It allows you to upgrade your church today, better serving your constituents and helping to attract new constituents with newly renovated location. 

If repair and maintenance are a concern, church equipment leasing might be the best option. In a leasing scenario, the faith community doesn’t own the equipment outright.  As a result, the company leasing it to you is responsible for repairs and maintenance. 

When is a church furniture loan a good fit?
A church furniture loan is a great fit if your church has an immediate need for new or expanded furnishings. Whether to accommodate growth in the congregation, replace aging furniture, or make other improvements, a loan can help you achieve your goals without stretching your budget too thin.

In particular, church pews are particularly expensive and are often among the first items to be upgraded. In that case, a church furniture loan can help you purchase high quality furniture without taking away from other church expenses.

What alternatives are there to church renovation financing?

   it comes to financing for a church, there are many options available.

Church construction loans can be leverage if the congregation is going to construct or build a new facility, while church mortgages are used to finance the purchase of an existing facility.

There are also possibilities for church equipment financing which can be used to purchase audio-visual systems, office technology, commercial kitchen appliances, or even playgrounds for children. For those churches needing transportation, taking out a church vehicle loan funds the purchase of buses and vans. As an additional financial resource, churches may choose to apply for a church line of credit which can provide a reserve fund just in case of emergency or assist in funding online ministries.

 At Faith Based Funding our team of church lenders  strives to understand the unique needs of each congregation and provide advice on the best solution for their individual situation. We take into account all available options and guide you through selecting the most cost-efficient choice that will help your church grow and succeed. Our knowledgeable advisors have vast experience in this field and will take time to answer any questions you may have so that you can make an informed decision about your finances.



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