Church Vehicle Loans

For many faith organizations, vehicles are essential. Whether you are helping community members get to service on Sunday morning, delivering food to people in need, or taking summer camp attendees on a trip, you need transportation. And our team provides church vehicle loans including church bus financing and church van loans.

faith based funding for church vehicle financing

Church Vehicle Financing

church bus financing

Church Bus Financing

Bringing your community to church, or your ministry to the community? Church bus financing loans cover school buses, luxury buses, and more.

church van loans

Church Vehicle Loans

Our church vehicle loans finance the cars and trucks your flock uses for collecting donations, making deliveries,  transporting food, and more. 

church van loans

Church Van Loans

Sometimes your ministry doesn’t require a large bus. In those situations, our church van loans finance multi-passenger vans of all sizes.

church vehicle financing overview

Church Vehicle Financing Overview

Faith-based organizations use vehicles to advance their mission, serve their community, and to provide services. Maybe it’s the opportunity to bus participants to a study group or to take kids to activities from summer camp. Maybe you have a mission to deliver food to community members in need.

Church vehicle financing is a type of church equipment loan that is customized to the goals and objectives of your congregation. Terms for church van loans and church bus loans can be customized to your unique needs and objectives based on cost, the life of the vehicles you are purchasing, and the scope of use you’ll put them to in order to fulfill your organizational goals.


Do we need a church vehicle loan?

options for financing a church vehicle bus or van
Buyers be ware – when you walk onto an auto lot without becoming first pre-approved, you are at the mercy of the market. Auto financing through a dealer is some of the riskiest in the marketplace. High interest rates, unfavorable terms and rules buried in mountains of tiny text can find you “upside down” on financing the second you drive off the lot.

Faith-based vehicle financing comes from a faith-friendly lender. By working with us, you’ll know your terms and how much your faith community is approved to spend before you visit the dealer. That puts you in the driver’s seat for negotiations.

Remember, the sales rep is under pressure to close a deal before you leave. When you aren’t sure what you want or how much it should cost, you’re at a disadvantage. Schedule an appointment with a Faith Based Funding advisor to talk about the vehicles you are looking for, the right price for those vehicles, and the financing that can help you close the deal.

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Does our congregation qualify for vehicle financing?

Underwriting for church vehicle loans is built on the value of the vehicles you are planning to purchase. Like equipment and technology financing, the vehicle itself serves as collateral. Things we will evaluate along with you include the life of the vehicle, the manufacturer price and the “street” price – the actual negotiated averages at dealerships across the country. Whether it’s a church bus loan, church van loan, or a smaller car or truck, we will help you determine what you can pay and the right loan term based on the vehicles your congregation’s needs.

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What are the rates & terms?

Standard commercial auto loans last up to six years (72 months) but can be extended to 7 years, depending on the life of the vehicle. Some lenders require a down payment, and often terms can be better if you have 10% or more of the vehicle value, but surprising to some, vehicles can be financed up to 100% of their value. Interest rates start at 4%.  


How many years will our church have pay off our church vehicle loan?

Generally, commercial vehicle loans range from 1 year to 7 years. It’s possible to refinance or to utilize fleet financing to purchase multiple vehicles at once, and these loans often have different terms. You can speak with any of our faith based financing advisors to learn about the many options available to your church. 

Can’t the dealership fund our vehicle purchase?

Many dealerships work with very aggressive high-interest lenders. It’s not uncommon to be offered loans at 14% or greater, which can put your organization at risk over the long haul. By being pre-approved, especially as a faith-based nonprofit organization (which often faces questions about cash flow and payment viability), you avoid the pressure to accept high-interest loans. 

What does it mean to be “upside down” on a car loan?

The term “upside down” describes a situation where the value of the loan is greater than the value of the vehicle. In some instances, if you sold the vehicle as “used” the day after purchasing it, the going rate would be thousands of dollars less than the price you paid when you bought the vehicle. If you finance the purchase of a new car with 0% down, you are almost always upside down until you have paid on the loan for a period of time.  

In fact, a vehicle may become “upside down” more than once during repayment. Matching the vehicle depreciation schedule to the loan payoff schedule and comparing those to blue book valuations will tell you if there are times you could be “upside down.” Vehicle damage or lack of maintenance could be another reason the value of a vehicle can drop below the value of the loan. To avoid becoming “upside down” on a vehicle loan, a faith community can add payments to the principle (as long as there are no penalties for early repayment) or start with a higher down payment. 

Are there alternatives to church vehicle loans?

Absolutely!  While a church vehicle loan is typically the best solution for purchasing vans, buses, cars, and trucks, it is NOT a one size fits all solution.  

For example, if you are looking to finance your real estate then our specialists at Faith Based Funding would recommend considering a church mortgage.  Or if your current mortgage has too short of a term or too high of interest rates,  then loans designed for refinancing your church mortgage might be right.

Alternatively, if your church can’t find the right property to house your flock, then church construction loans will enable building from scratch.  Or, if you have an old building that needs a remodel, then church renovation financing might provide the lowest cost and best terms.

Or if you are adding new playgrounds or audio visual equipment church equipment financing could be the best fit.  As a full service church lending provider, Faith Based Funding specialists find the best terms and lowest rates given each congregation’s needs.


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