Church Equipment Financing

Churches rely on more equipment than they might think, and much of it is costly. Church equipment financing can cover everything from computers, printers and office technology, to commercial kitchens, audio visual systems, HVAC systems, and even playgrounds.

No matter where your mission takes your community, Faith Based Funding can help you gain access to the church equipment loans your ministry requires. 

Church Equipment Financing

Church Equipment Financing

church audio visual equipment financing

Church AV Equipment Financing

The in-person worship experience and online community building are both impacted by technology today. Church audio visual equipment financing  can enable you to both serve your community well, and expand your reach to those who can’t come to you.

church equipment financing

Equipment Loans for Mechanical Systems

Faith Based schools, community centers, and even traditional churches rely on kitchens, HVAC, and irrigation systems. Financing an upgrade for efficient, reliable systems means that you can stop worrying about maintenance and repairs, and focus on your mission once again. 

church playground loan

Church Playground Financing

If your ministry includes a traditional school, a vacation bible school, or just a number of children in your congregation, a playground can be transformative. These structures are costly, but church playground loan can spread this investment out comfortably.

Audio visual equipment financing for churches

What 2 types of church equipment financing are available?

The two most common types of equipment financing are church equipment loans and church equipment leasing.

A church equipment loan is a type of financing in which a lender provides funds to the church or organization to buy a specific piece of equipment. The equipment is then owned and maintained by the church, and the funds are repaid to the lender, with interest, over a specified period of time.

Church equipment leasing, on the other hand, is an agreement between a lender and a church in which the lender agrees to provide the use of the equipment to the church for a specified period of time, in exchange for periodic payments. The lender retains ownership of the equipment, but the church has full access to use the equipment for the duration of the lease.

Do we need church equipment financing?

Equipment financing solutions for churches and faith communities
Many faith-based communities feel like they should pay for everything out of pocket – following a “those who help themselves” mindset. That can serve communities well for a time. It’s frugal, after all. But over time, there’s a burden in making the repeated ask to your congregation for every computer upgrade, furnace repair, zoom lens to better feature the pastor or reader on Facebook live events.

When a church can finance what they need to meet their mission, it’s easier to ask the congregation for consistent contributions. With church equipment financing, you don’t lose your community members in the weeds debating whether a printer is really necessary. Congregation members are there to connect, to be fulfilled through their participation, and in return, they provide support and donations. Financing equipment helps the finance committee see budget categories and the community see the vision, rather than line items.

Qualification process for church equipment loans

How do we qualify for a church equipment loan?

Surprisingly, church equipment financing is one of the most straightforward types of funding for faith communities. That’s because the financing is leveraged against the equipment itself. This allows your church to access the equipment and technology without taking out a loan against your buildings, land or other assets.

The first step is to identify the equipment mix that you need. Some high-value items can be financed individually, but in the case of audio/visual equipment, everything you need to get started can be bundled into a single loan.  Our consultants work with churches and faith communities to match their unique needs with the most affordable financing solution.

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What are the rates & terms?

Most equipment can be financed up to 100% of its value, but you can also choose to make an initial down payment to reduce the amount financed. Repayment can be anywhere between one year and 25 years, and interest rates can be fixed at anywhere from 3% and up based on a variety of factors, including the lender that provides the funding.  

Our church financing specialists works on your behalf to get the best rates available on today’s market based on your financing goals, including monthly payment, length of the term, and down payment (even including options with no down payment at all!). 


What are the best types of equipment to finance?

Nearly any type of equipment can be financed. However, the best equipment to finance: 

1. Has a direct impact on your ability to serve your community and fulfill your mission. (If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.  And certainly don’t finance it!) 

2. Is high value.  (Sure, you could finance a few fans to put in the windows on a hot day.  But if it is less than $3,000 then it is probably best to just purchase the equipment outright.) 

3. Will be in use for 5 years or more.  (If you’re only going to need your outdoor stage and speakers for one community event, you are probably better off just renting them for the day.) 

Are equipment loans risky?

Equipment loans are often less risky than other types of asset-based loan. The reason is that if the faith community isn’t able to meet its payments over time, the lender can claim the equipment, then lease or sell it to other organizations. Consequently, equipment loans don’t risk your primary building or church as collateral. 

What if the equipment breaks?

In an equipment loan scenario, the faith organization is responsible for repair and maintenance of the equipment. Insurance for loss as well as an extended warranty can help reduce the risk of owing equipment that is no longer usable. It’s always important to learn about the usable life of a particular piece of technology before agreeing to the length of the repayment plan.  

If repair and maintenance are a concern, equipment leasing might be the best option. In a leasing scenario, the faith community doesn’t own the equipment outright.  As a result, the company leasing it to you is responsible for repairs and maintenance. 

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