Church Lending 

We believe in the power of churches and faith based organizations to help the world and make it a better place.  We believe they exist to support local communities, to give love, to provide hope, and to open the door to a better life.

We also believe in the utility of church lending.  Financing has indisuputably proven it’s ability to accelerate the growth of companies and real estate investors.

So we asked a simple question:  What would it look like to leverage financing tools and growth strategies for doing good, instead of simply for profit?  What would it look like if church lenders were to give communities of faith access to the capital they need to grow, to achieve their mission, and to help the world?

Our organization, Faith Based Funding, was created to answer this question.

Our Vision.

church lending
church lenders

Church Lenders

How do we approach church lending?

We are on a mission to help churches grow faster.  Our founders spent decades in commercial banking.  Along the way, they helped thousands of clients to finance  the rapid growth of their companies and real estate portfolios, adding hundreds of millions to their annual profit.

Now, we are leveraging these exact same financing strategies, broad lender networks, and creative problem solving to accelerate the success of churches and faith communities around the country.

As church lenders, we serve as consultants and advocates.  We help you analyze your needs, understand what is possible, and prepare for growth.  We then build your package and financing pitch.  We present it to lenders, advocate on your behalf, and see the entire process through to funding. 

The steps are many in the church lending process, but our mission is simple:  Using the tools of commercial finance, we help faith communities grow faster, serve the world, and fullfill their missions.

Our Mission.

Our Church Lending Process

At Faith Based Funding, these principals guide everything we do as church lenders.  They our the foundation for how we collaborate as a team, how we serve clients, and even how we grow our vast lender network.

transparency in church lending

Be Transparent

We are transparent, honest, and always do the right thing.  Every single time and no matter the cost.

innovate as church lenders


We look out of the box to find the strategies and lenders that will support your faith community.

impact in church lending

Create Impact

We raise up the organizations that raise up our communities. Impact, not dollars, forms our scorecard.

fast church lenders

Smart Speed

Rapid results come from the right actions. Strategy and meticulous preparation enable fast funding.

Our Principals

Church Loans Made Simple
apply for church funding and church mortgage refinancing

1. Apply

Start with an online application in just 3 minutes.

connect with consultants in church funding

2. Connect

Consultants help you evaluate financing options.

church funding for church equipment and church vehicle

3. Funding

Funds are deposited directly into church account.

Let's start.