Faith Based Funding:

Church loans to finance  your growing ministry.

At Faith Based Funding, we provide loans for churches across America.  Our church lending solutions include church mortgages, refinancing, construction loans, equipment financing, vehicle loans, and lines of credit. Our mission is to support your congregation’s growth.


You Are Here To Change Lives.

Sometimes, that mission is larger than your cash reserves. In times like these, turn to Faith Based Funding.

Achieving a large vision is easier with help.   We provide churches and communities of faith with the capital they need to carry forward their mission, to continuing growing, and to serve their members well.


Faith Based Funding: Your Church Loan Platform

church loans for faith based communityFaith Based Funding is a church lending platform that helps ministries grow faster.

Our founders spent decades in commercial banking, helping large clients use financing to quickly grow companies and real estate portfolios. They recognized that these same tools could be utilized to grow churches that were serving the world… except, no one was offering these tactics to faith-based organizations.

We observed that strategic financing, broad lender networks, and creative problem solving were used to accelerate commercial growth, but the same consideration was denied to the organizations that were  support local communities, provide faith and fellowship, and make the world a better place.

Faith Based Funding was founded to fill this gap.  Day in and out, we provide cutting edge financial tools and strategies to churches around America.


Faith Based Funding for churches and spiritual communities.

Doing good work on a large scale takes resources.  It requires time, effort, and often money.

Our team of faith based funding church loan specialists accelerates the growth of faith communities by providing them with access to capital.

Whether you are looking for a new church mortgage or for church mortgage refinancing, church construction loans or church equipment financing, or just a church line of credit, our faith-based lenders have financial tools to support your growth.


church loans for small churches

Church Mortgages

Real estate loans for purchase of churches, temples, schools and more.

Church Building Loans

church lending for church construction and church mortgage refinancing

Church Construction

Build a new home from the ground up for your community.

Church Construction Loans

church refinancing for church remodelling, church vans, church equipment.

Church Refinancing

Refinance your current loan. Better terms, lower rates, or cash out.

Church Mortgage Refinance

loans for churches

Renovation Financing

Church renovations, new furniture, and fixtures can all be costly.

Church Renovation Loans

church loans for church construction and renovating churches

Church Equipment Loans

From audio visual to HVAC to playgrounds, your church is covered.

Church Equipment Loans

faith based funding for church vans and church buses

Church Vehicle Loans

Buses, vans, and delivery trucks can all be financed affordably.

Church Equipment Financing

church lending for church capital fund and church line of credit

Church Line of Credit

Church lines of credit solve short-term cash flow crunches.

Church Credit Lines

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